“The first time I witnessed Ange training, I knew she was the mentor for me!”

I had all the self motivation and drive in the world, but no idea what to do with it. I was lacking in time, skills, self confidence and self belief, but Ange helped me work through all of those things and helped me to become the business woman I am today.
From stressed out employed mum with no time with her child, to multiple six figure earner and multiple business owner whilst enjoying lots of quality time with my family.
I credit every bit of my success to spending the last 3 years working alongside Ange, her belief in me gave me belief in myself and the results just followed.
It is rare in this world you come across someone as sincere and as caring as Ange, she has supported me and guided me far beyond what she ever needed to, but every moment I have been grateful for.
This year see’s the biggest challenge in business I have ever undertaken and I have never felt so ready. I am now confident not just in my myself, but in many areas of business and I have never been so excited for the future!
I would personally like to thank Ange for the life that I live, the life long friendship that we have and for helping me realise the courage to pursue all my dreams was always in there somewhere, I just needed a strong mentor to help me find my wings before I could fly.

Abigail Horne, The Energy Deal