“After a single session with Ange, my results immediately skyrocketed!”

As founder of The Ad Strategist, I’m one to toot my own horn and say that I have my Facebook advertising game on point. But when it comes to LinkedIn… *crickets*.

After a single session with Ange, my results immediately skyrocketed (and we’re only getting started).

Now, my results:
• 3x more profile views from search
• hundreds of video views on my first posted video
• tons of engagement on my articles

There were so many mistakes I was making (unknowingly!) on this platform. And it’s hella undertapped when it comes to the advertising game. #ideasareaflowing

Looking forward to my continued work with Ange ’cause if these were the results from just ONE session, I can’t even imagine what the momentum will become for our brand.

Amanda Bonda, The Ad Strategist

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