Are you on your A Game with social?

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Over the past 3 years we have watched Linkedin change from a pretty full corporate style platform with company approved profile photos and CV like summaries to a lot more vibrant, engaging, relaxed story telling platform, yes this has met a lot of resistance from the “this is not Facebook” brigade but those who have embraced the changes are making better connections and sales than ever before. Are you one of those people?

I would love to encourage more from my business owning and self employed connections to grow their business on Instagram too. Instagram stories, when used properly, especially embracing the location tags, are one of the biggest social media sales tools out there! 

My business leads come from just three places – referrals, linkedin, and instagram – all of which are free. I know this is because I am an open book and I am visable. I’m ‘out there’ and involved, I’m engaged – I am locked in. I’m not dipping my toe in and out like a cold hotel swimming pool, I’m in there on my inflatable flamingo with a pina colada in hand and the sun on my face.

Never be afraid to share what’s happening behind your well thought our logo and signage, let people get to know the real you, the people you work with and your business. Look at the way the world is obsessed with reality TV, why? Because we are curious (read as nosy) we love looking into other peoples lives and human behavior intrigues us! We become addicted fans of people we do not even know. 

Imagine creating RAVING fans for your personal brand or business, I’m not talking about quantity – it’s a myth that you need a lot of likes, connections or followers to social selling, I’m talking quality. 

With a combined platform following of less than 50,000, some of my social media wins over the past 3 years include:

Creating an entirely location independent business, paying me over a million USD profit a year in 2015, providing me and my family with a freedom lifestyle, exploring the world and spending more time together than ever before. Buying my Dad his dream car – new – in cash just like when he bought me a fiesta firefly when I was 17 🙂 – life goal ticked! Taking my daughter to all those bucket list places we thought were accessible by the rich, famous or those who won the lottery

Being invited to attend Tai Lopez’s famous social media influencers pool party in 2016 (at his Beverly Hills home – an invite is more rare than finding a golden ticket to Willy Wonkers) and interviewed on his snapchat story

Being chosen as one of 25 trailblazing self employed women to be invited to spend 4 nights on Necker Island with my idol Sir Branson in 2019 (was due to go in October 2017 but the island was sadly destroyed in a deadly hurricane)

Sitting on the Branson family table at his latest book launch with his incredible Mother, wife and daughter (as one of only two non family members on the table) in 2017

Being invited to Sir Bransons safari lodge in South Africa in November 2018 – for free.

Speaking on stages all over the world to audiences as large as 10,000 (let’s not dwell on that one time in Vienna where only 5 people showed up – 3 of whom were asleep) month after month, year after year.

Being asked to proof read and feedback two huge books before going to publishers for final edit (I’m far from academic) in 2017 and then introducing the author of one at their UK book launch

Becoming true friends with my peer group, enjoying free mentoring and support and family holidays together. REAL quality, soul feeding, life enriching connections, for life.

Are you attracting target market? People who want to know more about your product or service, people who want to work with you or at your company, people who want to BUY what you’re selling? Getting noticed by the people who you most want to network with, becoming recognised and respected as the professional or expert you are? Getting opportunities to hang out with your business idols? Smashing your sales with social?

If this is not something you’ve mastered yet either on Linkedin, Instagram or facebook and you’re looking for guidance – contact me for one2one training via Skype or Facetime – bundles of one to one coaching from 4 to 12 hours available for March only (I am fully booked in Feb and April), let’s get you set up on social properly once and for all. 

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