It’s not about being the best it’s about doing your best…

We have teachers and mentors from the day we are born all through our childhood, from parents to school teachers, siblings to aunts and uncles. But as we mature into adulthood, unless we are lucky to naturally find them in our day to day life, sometimes we lack that one person who can help you cut the crap, give you that check up from the neck up and guide you along the path you should be on.

We lack the accountability. I remember my PE teacher at school saying; “don’t complain about sports in school, one day you’ll wish you had someone making you exercise twice a week…” Turns out she was right.

It’s becoming more and more common for people to pay for coaches, but I see a horrible trend of people online labelling themselves as coaches with no experience or qualifications, how do you know who to trust? When it is the right time? How do you get past the attention grabbing lead pages and find the right one for you? I’m not saying that is me, I am saying I’ll tell you straight if I can help you, and if not I won’t try taking your money just to hit a target or line my pockets.

I don’t offer coaching packages, but I can help you excel by working one to one with you to help you bust through things that are holding you back, grow your confidence, cut through the crap to bring clarity, to encourage, to motivate, inspire, to help you plan, to up level any aspect of your life, to bring your absolute A game. No phaffing about. No nancy pancy buddha hugging – just straight talking and if you need it, ass kicking!

GET IN TOUCH – maybe I’m the person to help you take things to the next level?