“Ange Loughran is a power female, and someone you’re going to want to work with.”

Whether it’s her natural ability to get things done and help other people do the same, or her decades worth of experience within the business world that means this woman is able to create consistent and repeatable results, it’s safe to say that Ange Loughran is a power female, and someone you’re going to want to work with.

She is a role model to hundreds of thousands of women entrepreneurs, has spoken on huge stages around the world, trained thousands of people to create business success, and always shows up as outstanding, professional… and one step ahead.

We have shared the stage in Hollywood, led a 4-week coaching program for more than 3000 entrepreneurs, and I had the honour of being able to invite Ange to introduce me onto stage for my book launch event – she was the perfect choice.

Ange has taught me the power of LinkedIn as a platform to showcase who you really are. She has helped me bring personality and credibility, and tap in to what would be an otherwise un-realized source of huge revenue and growth.

What’s more is she reminds me of the impact we can create by being the person who goes the extra mile. Ange goes the extra mile, and I value her as both a professional colleague and mentor, and a personal role model too.

Niyc Pidgeon MSc

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