“I couldn’t put a price on the skills Ange has taught me…”

I can’t I say that I am necessarily a fatalist if not more so a pessimist, well at least I once was. Being a graduate of the subprime crash taught me that success came from long hours and hard work.

All of my success has been strategically planned with tremendous sacrifice. However, after meeting Ange and having her become my mentor was undoubtedly meant to be and I can only say whoever planned it for me – I am eternally grateful!

In 2015 I was a six figure income earner working in the city of London. I was impulsive, burnt out having lost my sense of fun with dreams of a new life and a new way of working but no idea how to put my dreams into a plan of action. I knew there must be a better way, I just didn’t know how.

I had founded a new startup business in addition to my corporate job called Frank and Jellys which is the worlds first online product review and reseller site for dogs and it was through this business that Ange and I met – via a mutual passion page on social media and its scary to think what would have happened / had I not listened to the voice message in my “others” inbox and taken action.

I find it incredibly difficult to give justice to the skills and behaviours Ange has taught me to create the ultimate laptop lifestyle, to grow a brand from the ground up with no outside investment and to do it whilst having fun with it. How can I do justice to something that was so life changing in a mere matter of a few paragraphs.

The journey wasn’t always plaining sailing but Ange showed me that success is there if you choose it for yourself. There is nothing gifted in this life and if you’re looking for luck – you would be better off buying a lottery ticket.

Whether or not it was accommodating me to fly across Europe for 24 hours of intense training or sound boarding late at night as to a new ideas in marketing or branding Ange supported me in it all, often to the sacrifice of free social time.

There aren’t many women I could say the same about… having worked with a multitude of successful women in my corporate job I can honestly say that Ange is a breath off fresh air in her approach of building you up rather than beating you into submission but if your looking for a mentor to brush your hair and to hand it to you on a plate your probably not in the right place.

Success comes from self development and self development only comes from having a great leader standing behind you encouraging you. Too many mentors try to ‘manage’ their mentees but not Ange.

She helped all the feathers grow so my wings could fly by themselves which would aid me into being the best version of success possible. Knowing only what I know now over 12 months into the journey I know how blessed I was that she came into my life and how I could have easily missed out.

Ange, I’m indebted to you for your time and your resources that you put into me based on blind faith and gut instinct. I’m glad you have shared this journey with me and even more grateful now to be able to call you a colleague and a friend.

I couldn’t put a price on the skills you have taught me but I would say it is world class and this is reflected in the success of my business’s growth over the last 12 months and those of my peers you have nurtered. I owe you so much and I’m excited to see what our joint future and collaboration will bring.

Sarah Robinson,
Founder of Frank and Jellys