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“How you do anything is how you do everything”


My name is Ange, Business Woman, Encourager, Motivator and all round A Gamer.

I help companies and individuals bring their ‘A Game’ to everything they do. I’m 100% committed to achieving your desired success and it’s my mission to help you bring the YOU into your business. YOU are what makes it special, YOU are your unique selling point. Be Brilliant. Be More…


Offering a ‘no nonsense’ approach. If you need someone experienced and proven to help you bring your A GAME, maybe Ange is the perfect person to help you take things to the next level.  More…

Location Independent Business

Anyone can achieve a location independent business. There are endless opportunities available to those who want to make a change. With my guidance, training and support – you too can achieve great success. More…


From mystery shopper consultations to in-house business reviews and recommendations, Ange is available for worldwide travel to improve your A GAME.   More…

"Ange Loughran is a power female, and someone you’re going to want to work with"

Whether it’s her natural ability to get things done and help other people do the same, or her decades worth of experience within the business world that means this woman is able to create consistent and repeatable results, it’s safe to say that Ange Loughran is a power female, and someone you’re going to want to work with.

She is a role model to hundreds of thousands of women entrepreneurs, has spoken on huge stages around the world, trained thousands of people to create business success, and always shows up as outstanding, professional… and one step ahead.

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Niyc Pidgeon MSc, Positive Psychologist

"After a single session with Ange, my results immediately skyrocketed"

As founder of The Ad Strategist, I’m one to toot my own horn and say that I have my Facebook advertising game on point. But when it comes to LinkedIn… *crickets*.

After a single session with Ange, my results immediately skyrocketed (and we’re only getting started).

Now, my results:
• 3x more profile views from search
• hundreds of video views on my first posted video
• tons of engagement on my articles

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Amanda Bond,  The Ad Strategist

“If Ange sees something wrong – she will tell you, and then show you how to fix it or improve and encourage better ways of working…”

I took the opportunity in January 2014 to spend a weekend in Lanzarote with Ange. She had offered to spend time on a 1-2-1 basis with me to complete focused business coaching and visionary goal setting. It was definitely one of best decisions I have ever made in my career. Ange has such an eye for business she is really out of the box thinking, entrepreneurial, honest and straightforward with you. If she sees something wrong she will tell you, and then show you how to fix it or improve and encourage better ways of working. We come from completely opposite industry’s and despite Ange having no energy industry experience she was able to help my business growth in numbers and revenue.

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“I couldn’t put a price on the skills Ange has taught me…”

All of my success has been strategically planned with tremendous sacrifice. However, after meeting Ange and having her become my mentor was undoubtedly meant to be and I can only say whoever planned it for me – I am eternally grateful!
Success comes from self development and self development only comes from having a great leader standing behind you encouraging you. Too many mentors try to ‘manage’ their mentees but not Ange.
She helped all the feathers grow so my wings could fly by themselves which would aid me into being the best version of success possible.
I couldn’t put a price on the skills Ange has taught me but I would say it is world class and this is reflected in the success of my business’s growth over the last 12 months
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Sarah-Kayley Robinson,
Frank and Jellys

"Ange’s help and advice rejuvenated my business!"

The first time I witnessed Ange training, I knew she was the mentor for me. I had all the self motivation and drive in the world, but no idea what to do with it. I was lacking in time, skills, self confidence and self belief, but Ange helped me work through all of those things and helped me to become the business woman I am today.

From stressed out employed mum with no time with her child, to multiple six figure earner and multiple business owner whilst enjoying lots of quality time with my family.

I credit every bit of my success to spending the last 3 years working alongside Ange, her belief in me gave me belief in myself and the results just followed.

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Abigail Horne, Authors & Co

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